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Cass Cemetery is a privately owned cemetery.  Since 1857, the cemetery has been maintained by members of various families, via the Cass Cemetery Association, a not-for-profit organization.  It is an active cemetery with burials held about once a year. There are a few spaces available if you are interested.  There is also a new section for cremations.  If anyone has any information on anyone buried in the cemetery, please contact us.  We would love to add to our "Family Stories." We will also share information.


The cemetery is currently being kept locked.  If you would like to visit the cemetery, please call (630) 291-1441 or (630) 688-4989


Cass Cemetery is located on the North Frontage Road of I-55 (Stevenson Expressway), one-half mile west of Cass Avenue in Darien, Downers Grove Township, Illinois. 


 Summer 2012 


  • Connor Bailey, as part of his Eagle Scout Project, and Darien Boy Scout Troup 101 have done some amazing work.  They have cleared all of the brush and overgrowth around the entire perimeter of the fence.  They have erected a flag pole at the entrance of the cemetery to honor our veterans.  Connor has also created an online cemetery map at namesinstone.com and has helped us update our database.  You can find the link on our new and improved "links" page. Connor's immense contributions are greatly appriciated.
  • Thank You Mrs. Ormsbee and Mrs. Comstock for your generous donations.
  • Many beautiful headstones are tilted and in danger of falling over or have fallen over.  A large tree is pressing against one of the old stone pillars at the entrance.  These jobs will require additional funding. 


October 2011


  •  David Clark Goodalis and the Boy Scouts of Naperville have made great contributions to maintaining and improving the cemetery, including resetting some toppling headstones, creating and setting lot markers on the fence and clearing overgrowth. Thank you to David Clark Goodalis for all of your hard work!


June 2011

  •  Volunteers continue to help clean up the brush growing around and through the fence. 
  • We are investigating having some toppled headstones reset.
  • Frequency of grass cutting has been reduced due to lack of funds.

August 2010

  •  Fall clean-up day to be announced soon.  
  • Please come help us remove overgrown vines and shrubs to help prevent them from further damaging headstones.  Anyone who is interested in keeping our pioneer cemetery open and running is welcome.  Financial donations to offset costs of this annual project are also welcome.

As of August 2009

  • Thank you Pat (Smart) Ormsbe for the donation of the trusts to help with upkeep.
  • Removal of the overgrowth of trees, vines and shrubs along the fence continues.  Many headstones have been revealed and those portions of the fence were saved.  
  • Plants and shrubs between headstones are being cleared as finances and labor are available.
  • Lot markers were made and placed along the cemetery road.  
  • The old ash tree has been removed.
  • Another old ash tree still needs to be removed.
  • The grass is cut about every three weeks due to budget constraints.
  • We are always looking for help with the upkeep of Cass Cemetery, please contact us if you can help.

We are currently investigating having this cemetery listed as a historical site.


We will gladly answer any questions you have regarding the cemetery, persons buried here or about the commuity of Cass.  The original books from the cemetery, dated from 1835, give a unique insight into the community at that time.  We have more formal records dating from about 1920. 

 We have photos of most of the headstones and, weather permitting, can send you a picture of any headstones you may want. 

We are looking to expand our current Cass Cemetery Association membership.  If you are interested in joining, please send an email to casscemetery@hotmail.com. Much of our information sharing is done through email, with occasional informal meetings at a board member's home. 
If you would like to receive annual newsletters and updates from Cass Cemetery Association, please send us an email.  


Cass Cemetery accepts donations time, talent, or money.

Like many other Not-for-Profit organizations, the funding to maintain the cemetery has significantly declined over the past few years.  We are struggling to fund the basic necessities such as grass cutting, weed control and fence maintenance.  All of the officer positions of the Cass Cemetery Association are voluntary.  Please consider donating to the Cass Cemetery Association at the West Suburban Bank in Bolingbrook, IL, located on Boughton Road across the street from the Promenade shopping mall.